Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Back in New York

It's the forth of November. I just got back to New York after spending six weeks in Europe, traveling to Greece, Spain, Germany and Belgium collecting images, visiting friends and family, and trying to let go of the past.

I have decided to start a blog as a quasi continuation of my flickr account . It seems that my flickr times have come to an end. It doesn't feel right anymore. I want to show more everyday pictures, of where I am and write what they mean to me. I know that writing is not my primary medium to express myself, but sometimes some words help to describe the picture and tell the relationship I have to them.

The first picture of this blog is a posed 'snapshot' of me after having the cab drop me off on Bedford Avenue today. I wanted to walk some after being on a plane all day from Frankfurt, Germany. I had a coffee and watched the people walk by on the corner of North 6th, thinking how long it seemed that I had been here, although it had in fact been only six weeks.

I put my camera on my bag and took this 'Momentaufnahme', which is a German word describing a passing moment in time, me arriving back in the city.


  1. great way to show yourself, you write very well, good luck and good start!


  2. hey lars, i've been a follower for quite some time, and it's just great that i can now read you!
    take care, aymo

  3. Schöne Entwicklung die sicher Aufregendes in sich birgt, auf zu Neuem ohne Scheu Altes gehen zu lassen. Ich bin "Follower".

  4. What a surprise to see your blog! Great addition to your flickr account!

    I loved the shots you took in front of the house you grew up in. Inspired me!

  5. sooo looking forward to you developing this are talented.