Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Over Greenland

I have been meaning to go through my images that I have been collection over the last couple of years to sort good from bad. I love shooting, but am a procrastinator when it comes to editing. Consequently many great images sleep the days away on my external hard drives. 
I found this images today. It was shot from the plane going from Europe to the United States. In order to avoid the ashes of the erupting volcano from Iceland, we had to fly at a higher altitude than normal and the course went north of Iceland, flying over Greenland. I was amazed by the depth of the blue of the sky so far north, it looked endless.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Portrait of a family member

I have been spending the winter so far in Buenos Aires, and parted from here to spend two weeks with my grandparents in Rio Grande do Sul in southern Brazil, in a small town in the mountains founded by German immigrants in the 18th century. Two of my grandparent's seven children live in that town as well. The portrait above is of my father's younger sister Isolde.